The Holy Stone


The great thing about Bibi Alhaja Bijoux jewellery is the spirit that runs through each and every piece. Hand crafted by local artisans in Holland, the whole process of creation is a human journey from start to finish. Honesty, sustainability and a sense of positivity are key elements to the brand and the selection of charms and stones, for which Bibi has become famous for, are more than mere decorative flourishes. There lies a deeper meaning behind each.

For example, the Leather Chain ‘Fiona’ Necklace heavily features turquoise, a gemstone that has been revered for its unique colour and ornamental value for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians considered turquoise to be a holy stone and the ancient Persians thought of it as a bringer of good fortune and providing protection from the evil eye. All superstitious nonsense of course, but it does provide a great topic of conversation while bringing attention to you and your fabulous ‘Fiona’ necklace.

Follow your holy grail and find all the latest Bibi Bijoux styles now available from the House of Fraser Web Store…,default,sc.html


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