Express Yourself with Bibi Bijoux

Bibi Bijoux's Sandra Textured Leather Crystal Chain Cuff is reassuringly eye-catching.

Bibi Bijoux’s Sandra Textured Leather Crystal Cuff is reassuringly eye-catching.

It’s strange how we relate to different pieces of jewellery once we’ve put them on. Although it’s the look that first attracts us, when we’re wearing a necklace it’s more about the weight, its touch against the skin and other peoples reactions that we are most aware of. Not being in the line of vision of the wearer, a necklace can almost disappear.

A gorgeous bracelet, on the other hand, will make you begin to express yourself with your hands. Not in a blatant “look at the bling on that” kind of way but more in an extension of your personality kind of way. It’s also a way to keep it in your eyeline while ensuring everybody else sees it too.


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